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Legally Addictive Cookies


The OG

The OG! What does that mean?  Well, it depends on who you ask. It could mean just Original. Or it could mean Original Gangster. Apparently, it could even mean Ominium Gatherum, which is everyone's favorite Finnish Death Metal Band. Legally Addictive's OG means 'The Original' since this is the cookie that started Legally Addictive.  

Salty, sweet, chocolately and crunchy. The combination never fails. Made with a crispy combination of a cracker, salted handmade toffee, semi-sweet chocolate and topped with sea salt, the combination results in one of the best tastes known to mankind. 

Peppermint Crunch

The PC is festive, bright, crunchy and with a peppermint-salty-chocolate crunchy punch that's perfect with a glass of red wine, a well-brewed coffee, perhaps a hearty winter beer and especially with a nice cup of spiked (or not!) hot chocolate.  

It's the same handmade salted toffee on a cracker with a layer of chocolate but topped with crushed peppermint. Even if you're not a "peppermint person", just trust us on this one.  Or trust the cheeky snowman in glasses. 

Salted Gingerbread

Salted Gingerbread is the newest member of Legally Addictive's cookie fam and is joining us for the holidays! This creatively comforting confection is made from a graham cracker, their salted handmade toffee and 60% chocolate. It's made in collaboration with their neighbors and spice-geniuses, Spicewalla, to create the most divinely delicious treat that captures the flavor of the holidays in every bite!