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MatchBox FAQ

how often will i receive a MatchBox?

you can choose to try just one MatchBox or receive a box every month, every other month, or every 3 months - it can be as frequent or infrequent as you want. 

can i gift a MatchBox?

sure! the easiest way is to purchase a MatchBox credit here. any amount you choose will be credited towards the recipient's first box. send us an email at with any specific gift requests!

do i have to sign up for recurring delivery?

no - you can chose to try MatchBox just once or as a subscription. you will select your plan during the style quiz, but you can always email your stylist at to make any changes.

what if i don't like what the stylist picks out?

anything you do not want to keep can be sent back and we will use this information to better curate your next box. 

when will i be charged?

you will be charged the $20 styling fee up front and the remainder will be charged once you decide what you will be keeping.

what is the $20 styling fee?

this fee covers shipping and the stylist cost - but will be credited towards any items you chose to keep.

where does MatchBox ship?

MatchBox ships for free to anywhere in the continental US.

can i pause shipments?

of course! send an email to to request any subscription updates.

how long is the try-on period?

you'll have 5 days (from when the box is delivered) to try on and return items you don't want to keep

what is the return policy?

items you don't intend to keep must be shipped in 5 days. if there are issues with any of the items you kept (construction problems and concerns) please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help you out!

how do i complete a return?

each MatchBox will come with a prepaid return label. just place the pieces you don't want in the box within 5 days and drop it in a USPS mailbox! 

what happens if return my items late?

after the 5 day try-on period, if it has not yet been shipped, the payment card will be charged for all sent items but - we get it. life happens. if you won't make the 5 day deadline, please email us at and we can try to assist you. 


if we didn't address your question - shoot us an email at